Redefining Open MRI

The patient-oriented Altaire™ Open MR system provides a comfortable environment during magnetic resonance imaging examinations.

The large gantry allows constant and direct access to the patient by both medical personnel and a family member. Traditional low field open MRI systems reduce patient anxiety by providing a patient friendly, open environment. However, there is a trade off. These systems usually do not provide high image quality found on high field MRI systems.

At Blue Star Imaging, we utilize an advanced high MRI system (.7 Tesla) which is the most spacious open MRI scanner on the market. In addition, the superconducting, vertical field magnet produces images comparable to traditional high field "small bore" MRI systems.

At Blue Star Imaging, we provide quality care without compromise. Patients will benefit from a spacious MRI scanner and physicians will benefit from high quality images and accurate diagnosis.

We have the ability to scan professional athletes, claustrophobic and geriatric patients—even children. We can satisfy even the most discriminating patient by providing an MRI suite impeccably designed for maximum patient comfort including vaulted ceilings, windows, hardwood floors, and a personal music system with headphones. Patients are welcome to bring an audio CD or we can tune in their favorite music or talk radio station to enhance their MRI experience.

  • High Field Performance
  • Open MRI patient comfort
  • Advanced clinical applications
  • Restful, spacious MRI suite
  • Unique open architecture to reduce claustrophobia
  • Personal music system


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