Digital X-Ray

Blue Star Imaging offers a digital X-Ray system for all standard examinations from head to spine, abdomen and extremities. Our system eliminates manual activities such as cassette handling, allowing patients to be the focus, resulting in faster treatment and improved comfort.

What are X-Rays?

X-rays are images of organs and other structures inside the body created using waves of electromagnetic radiation. They are absorbed in differing amounts by different body tissues. Skin, fat, and muscle allow more x-rays to pass through, but bones are denser and absorb x-rays. The ultimate result is a shadow on a film that shows images of bones as white, and softer tissues as shades of gray.

How They're Done

You will be asked to remove any clothing over the part of the body to be x-rayed. If necessary, you will be given a hospital gown, and a protective lead drape to shield the rest of your body from the x-rays. While you are either lying or sitting on a table in an x-ray room, a technician will position you to give the best x-ray view.

The x-ray machine will be positioned near your body so that the x-ray tube is aimed at the proper body area. The technical will stand behind a protective panel and activate the x-ray machine. Plain x-rays take less than a minute.  

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